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Bandera Petroleum, Inc. is a privately held Tulsa based Oklahoma Corporation with substantial oil and gas interests in Mid Continent, Southwest, Rockies and Gulf Coast regions. Bandera and its completely owned affiliates own more than 1.2MM gross acres of minerals and over 3,500 oil and gas wells in the United States, plus several small interests in Canada.

Bandera is an aggressive purchaser of mineral interests up to $5MM and will consider mineral interests up to the $50MM area. Producing and non-producing minerals, royalties and overriding royalties are all primary targets. Bandera is also a purchaser of non-operated working interests up to $1MM. In addition, Bandera Petroleum, Inc. is an exploration company with ongoing exploration programs in shallow gas areas with emphasis on shale gas.

Bandera Petroleum, Inc. is the management company for Bandera, Inc., Bandera Minerals, LLC,  Bandera Minerals III, LLC, and several other entities.

These four entities own over 1,200,000 acres of oil and gas minerals in twenty-eight states and Canada. Over 75% of the oil and gas minerals are located in Texas and Oklahoma. These four entities also own working interest in more than 300 producing wells and royalty interest in over 3,500 producing wells.

All of the Bandera entities are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are owned by the M. G. "Whit" Whitmire family.

In addition to managing its own minerals, Bandera Petroleum, Inc. manages minerals for other clients. Bandera's staff has the expertise, experience, databases and software to help clients maximize cash flow and enhance value of their mineral holdings.