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Bandera Petroleum, Inc. manages minerals for clients with substantial mineral holdings. Bandera has a staff of highly qualified professionals, state of the art hardware and software research tools, extensive databases and modern facilities to help clients maximize their cash flow and enhance asset value. Our complete services include geologic and engineering evaluation, economic analysis, study of productive history, analysis of lease terms, detecting pitfalls in oil and gas leases, checking division orders, and other related business factors.

This comprehensive service enables clients to avoid making costly mistakes in leasing their oil and gas minerals and tracking their revenue, without the knowledge, information and technical data to make a fully informed, profitable decision.

Bandera's services include research to ascertain that clients are receiving full royalty payments on their minerals and locating suspended revenues.

Owners of substantial oil and gas mineral interests are invited to contact Bandera's offices for a free estimate of the cost of managing their mineral assets.